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Where the crack addicts play
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This community is where the crazy cats from the Shoebox chat come to play! Expect to see conversations that use CAPSLOCK A LOT, a lot of typos, excessive squeeing over cats, the occasional bit of angst, heartfelt advice, and a whole lotta love.

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, 4w3some snakesz, a farm in iowa, aardvarks, angsting, avoiding homework, ballet, band, bones, boobies, boysex, cake, cake is a color, cake is a colour, calculators, capsing, capslock pirate ships, cars, cat macros, chase/fist, chat, chat killing, chat!sims, chorgies, classic cars, coffeeee, crack dealing, crazy moms, daniel jackson, david hewlett, david tennant, dr. who, dumbles!threesomes, eating brains, ebola, eleka nahmen, emo angst, estg yo!, flaming rape, fooood, franznorringtonwithlesbians, frozen fingers, gangs, gary glitter, gelphie, goldfish, grapes, hairless cats, half pandas, harry potter, hat killing, heroes, hobnobs, house, house's motorbike, house/wilson, hypothetical hypothermic homosexuality, i am boy, ice cream, insanity, jaida, jazz, jensen tear, kate hewlett, keyboardsmashing, kitties!, lesbianism, losing the game, lots of love, making fun of badfic, marching band, mass orgies, math and science hatred, mcshep, mechanical pencils, mirrors, monkeywrenches, mountain dew, musicgasm, mylar, obsessions, orgies, peep show, picspam, piercing porn, pirates, platypus fucking, pretty boys kissing, procrastinating, prophecy, puns, rain, raining mechanical pencils, random capitalization, randomosity, raptors, regina spektor, remus lupin, remus/sirius, rent, rufus wainwright, santa!rape, seamus/oliver, secret turnip department, sga au fic, shadow of his wings, shifting, shoe fetishes, shoebox chat, shoebox project, shoes and boxes, should be doing homework, sirius black, siriusly, slash, sleep's for the weak, smut, sniffing glue, sorbet, spartan 69, speaking accidental welsh, stalking, stargate, straight as a lamp, sugar, supernatural, tea, teaorgies on the moon, texting, the beatles, the game, the sims, threesomes, transsexualism, transvestitism, tulips, turnip espionage, typing with boobies, typos, volkswagens, wicked, wii, wilson/mcgill, xd, youtube, zachary quinto's eyebrows