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Dr Horrible Acts 1&2

Right, so I'm going camping in a few minutes and I won't be on later to give y'all the link. Act 3 isn't up yet, but you can get it when it does come up at fileshare.
You're going to have to join first though, so you might want to find it somewhere else or wait till I get back.

Here's acts 1&2 in a zip file:

Kind of unrelated to chat, except some of you wanted it, so I can always delete it later.

Be back Tuesday!

<3 Rachael



 (12:56:35 AM):
QuantumMap (12:56:55 AM): FOUR MINUTES
shadowcatfan87 (12:57:12 AM): holy cow it is
shadowcatfan87 (12:57:16 AM): MAAAAIAAAAAAA
QuantumMap (12:57:27 AM): MAIAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
shadowcatfan87 (12:57:35 AM): MAIAIAIAIAIAIAIA
QuantumMap (12:58:00 AM): THREE MINUTES
shadowcatfan87 (12:58:49 AM): TWO MINUTES
QuantumMap (12:59:26 AM): ONE MINUTE ~*~*~*~*~
shadowcatfan87 (12:59:44 AM): WHAR IS SHE
QuantumMap (1:00:01 AM): HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAIAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
shadowcatfan87 (1:00:15 AM): HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!
shadowcatfan87 (1:00:22 AM): <3<3<3<3<3
shadowcatfan87 (1:00:33 AM): Ill make something pretty, shall I?
QuantumMap (1:00:35 AM): <3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

The LOVELY GRAPHIC was made by Sashi! YAAAAAAY!




:( are we playing somewhere else now? I have pictures!

onoes, rain is making icons again!

everybody needs to check this out because it's going to be awesome because I signed up!
give everybody there lots of love and votes and hopefully some of those will be going to my stuff!
(I'm not gonna be telling because that would be against the rules though)


Love, Aunty Rain<3

Emo Poetry

I'm not sure there is an explanation for this.

SuperExRaye12 (6:32:06 PM) has entered the room.
QuantumMap (6:32:24 PM): allo
kateling amazing (6:32:38 PM): hello!
QuantumMap (6:33:31 PM): whats up!
SuperExRaye12 (6:33:36 PM): Hi people!
SuperExRaye12 (6:33:38 PM): The sky!
QuantumMap (6:34:41 PM): is falling
SuperExRaye12 (6:35:15 PM): Down
GlitterScissors (6:35:36 PM): Like my soul
SuperExRaye12 (6:36:54 PM): My tortured soul.
GlitterScissors (6:37:19 PM): Shatters like glass
QuantumMap (6:37:35 PM): upon a rocky shore
GlitterScissors (6:38:07 PM): panes of glass
GlitterScissors (6:38:12 PM): my pain
GlitterScissors (6:38:15 PM): pane
SuperExRaye12 (6:38:18 PM): dark
SuperExRaye12 (6:38:21 PM): deep
GlitterScissors (6:38:23 PM): unending
QuantumMap (6:38:25 PM): frightening
SuperExRaye12 (6:38:27 PM): doom
GlitterScissors (6:38:29 PM): I cry
QuantumMap (6:38:34 PM): tears of blood
GlitterScissors (6:38:39 PM): from my arms
QuantumMap (6:38:49 PM): shredded like wheat
SuperExRaye12 (6:39:20 PM): Wheat that could have been made into bread
SuperExRaye12 (6:39:21 PM): no more
GlitterScissors (6:39:28 PM): The bread is no more
QuantumMap (6:39:40 PM): the cake is a lie
SuperExRaye12 (6:40:18 PM): The bitter sweet pastry falls to the floor
QuantumMap (6:40:37 PM): my stomach still empty
GlitterScissors (6:40:41 PM): Like my soul
SuperExRaye12 (6:40:49 PM): My deep, abysmal soul
GlitterScissors (6:41:13 PM): has lost the feathers and sequins
QuantumMap (6:41:29 PM): of the showgirl costume it once donned
funnification (6:41:36 PM): chaaaaat
SuperExRaye12 (6:41:38 PM): in the gay pride parade of life
funnification (6:41:45 PM): ...what is going on
SuperExRaye12 (6:41:47 PM): DAMMIT LIZ
GlitterScissors (6:41:48 PM): it is now confined to bondage
g1rl Y0US0 cr4zy (6:41:52 PM) has left the room.
g1rl Y0US0 cr4zy (6:41:58 PM) has entered the room.
SuperExRaye12 (6:42:01 PM): The bondage of my soul
QuantumMap (6:42:02 PM): the ties and nipple clamps so tight
SuperExRaye12 (6:42:22 PM): The pain a bitter reminder of what life used to be
QuantumMap (6:42:40 PM): there is no pleasure in this torment
GlitterScissors (6:42:53 PM): A dildo gasmask of a life
QuantumMap (6:43:16 PM): pounding and plunging
SuperExRaye12 (6:43:31 PM): the sewers of my soul still clogged
GlitterScissors (6:43:39 PM): by the shit of society
QuantumMap (6:44:08 PM): running over my dreams
semirhage527 (6:44:13 PM): hmm should I go to the post office and get my package?
semirhage527 (6:44:17 PM): or am I too lazy?
semirhage527 (6:44:28 PM): it is chocolate
SuperExRaye12 (6:44:30 PM): The post office of my soul rns late
QuantumMap (6:44:44 PM): the letters are burnt and charred
GlitterScissors (6:44:51 PM): The queen sobs
kateling amazing (6:44:56 PM): there are letters never sent
GlitterScissors (6:45:02 PM): \o/
semirhage527 (6:45:03 PM): and I do enjoy chocolate quite a lot and what are you doing?
SuperExRaye12 (6:45:11 PM): Chocolates destroyed instead of eaten
kateling amazing (6:45:22 PM): smeared, wasted on the floor
GlitterScissors (6:45:26 PM): Is my post stolen, like you stole my heart?
QuantumMap (6:45:34 PM): confusion becomes me
semirhage527 (6:45:45 PM): *ignores*
GlitterScissors (6:45:45 PM): This office becomes me
funnification (6:45:54 PM): it's okay maia, I'm not sure I get it either
GlitterScissors (6:45:57 PM): Boobs...tits...nnnnngh
funnification (6:45:58 PM): they ignored me too
semirhage527 (6:46:04 PM): *watches Boosh w/ commentary*
QuantumMap (6:46:07 PM): huff-n-puff-n
funnification (6:46:12 PM): *reads FiI*
semirhage527 (6:46:18 PM): oh good *clings to liz*
SuperExRaye12 (6:46:21 PM): Like a cheery cereal mascot...beheaded
semirhage527 (6:46:30 PM): IT IS
semirhage527 (6:46:34 PM): THAT'S WHAT I'M WATCHING
GlitterScissors (6:46:37 PM): Are you playing your love games with me?
QuantumMap (6:46:41 PM): (WEAREEMOPOEMING)
QuantumMap (6:46:52 PM): cause baby i need your love a lot
QuantumMap (6:46:58 PM): come on now...
SuperExRaye12 (6:47:10 PM): Don't abandon me