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So I totally just spent a good chunk of yesterday and this morning tagging this entire community. Along the way I found some insanity, some love, some blasphemy, enough personal information (locked, at least) for me to stalk ALL OF YOU, and, mysteriously, one entry that I didn't have access to. There are weddings, meetup plans (some of which never came to fruition), chat emo poetry collaboratives, conversations about toes and vegetables, kittens named after barack obama (in 2006!), lots of fic recs, and, as ever, a whole lot of love. You guys, we are amazing. Let's never stop, yeah? <3 <3 <3

My favorite tag, I think, is "no one can explain us." Because we are just that cool. And mind-boggling. Though "crackfic" and "cracktastic chat transcripts" also bring up some fantastic shit.